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web dev. + mobile dev.


Designs that forces full capability off your device to create a true experience...


Each design crafted to be simple yet graceful and natural in it's render...

Clean and Refreshing

Designs that outlay only a principal purpose, removing bloatware...

Builds that Perform

Our builds do not trade features for performance, we keep both...

Crafted heartily

Skill and Zeal are the heart of every design at Mor-Lan...

Fully Responsive Designs

No bother about the device you're on, your site/app will render same...

Interactive Websites

Art exposes the extent of expression... we bring bare your most daring expressions in our designs. Our developers use lightweight frameworks to make your site robust and flexible.

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your App as you want it

We employ proven methods that build apps that are user-centered, intuitive, responsive; robust applications that drive your business yet keeps a personal experience is at mor-lan...

frameworks frameworks

Ready to write the histories of the future?


of things

Embedded systems design and development


Every design at Mor-Lan is closely informed by users' discretion. Each left tweakable to a later fit.


Security starts with hardware, we build our systems on set requirements to ensure security.


A variety of analytics are employed, customised for each design to improve performance.

Easy to Use

With user-centered designs at morlan, our UIs and products are intuitive and easy to get familiar with.

Smart tHinGs!

Built to support Enterprise-Scale Applications.

Mor-Lan's Embedded Systems services are architected to build intelligent products that are versatile,
to support connectivity while being secure.

Some of our work

Products, designs and services